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We are thrilled to share dynamic and enlightening weekly insights from our beloved pastor.  May the words from this blog uplift and inspire you and help you achieve your God-given destiny and purpose in life. 
Exciting Times
The times we are living in are exciting, challenging and opportunistic, especially for Christians who know they have access to the realm where God is; where nothing is impossible.  God’s indwelling Spirit teaches us that in the force of various types of difficulty we can respond according to the realm where He dwells.  The world’s realm says that which seems impossible is impossible.  But with God (in the Heavenly realm) nothing shall be impossible!  God is saying where the believer lives nothing is exempt from being overcome.  So, for everyone there are two realms of believing:  The realm of the world where limitations are prevalent through man’s limited knowledge; or the realm of God’s Spirit where nothing is impossible to them that believe.  It is our faith that lifts us from the realm of limitations (fear and doubt) to the realm of “all things are possible.”  So let’s look at these times in the face and declare “I am glad to be alive and nothing is impossible for me because I am a believer!”